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Planning a Spring Break Vacation on a Limited Budget

If you’ve been considering taking a vacation with your family this spring, chances are that you’ve noticed just how much the cost of everything from gas to accommodation to meals has risen recently. However, this doesn’t always means that you’ll have to put your plans on hold – in fact, you can still enjoy a spring break vacation if you’re willing to make a few adjustments to your plans.

Rethink your Initially Planned Destination

While locations such as Florida, Orlando or even Cancun in Mexico are deemed as popular spring break destinations, it doesn’t mean that you have to visit one of them to have a great time. Not only will the more popular destinations be ridiculously crowded; pricing for everything from rooms to drinks and activity prices will most likely be through the roof as well. 

Instead, opt for a location that isn’t as popular with the regular spring break crowds and you’ll suddenly find that your trip will become a lot more affordable than you think.

Consider Driving to your Destination

Although it will take longer to reach your vacation spot if you’re driving, chances are that you’ll save a huge chunk of cash by doing so. In addition, you won’t have to cover the exorbitant cost of car rental at your destination either. 

If you decide to drive, you’ll also have to choose your destination accordingly – after all, you wouldn’t want to spend more than a day or two on the road there and back.

Find a Grocery Store Close to your Destination

One of the biggest expenses you’ll encounter when going on spring break vacation is the cost of meals. However, this can be drastically reduced if you’re willing to do a little of your own meal prep and purchase groceries instead of relying entirely on restaurant meals. Snacks can also be purchased this way for a fraction of the price of those being charged at hotel shops.

Find free Activities to Take Part in

Wherever possible, seek out free activities to do that are close to your chosen destination. For example, if you’ve got a great deal on a cruise, avoid visiting the casino and opt for one of the many free evening shows on offer instead. If you’re staying at a resort, be sure to check the property calendar or activity board to see if any shows or activities are available for free or low cost – many resorts also offer free movie nights or even trivia activities for guests.

Alternatively, you can take the family on a local hiking trail or even visit a local farmer’s market if you’re looking for something different to keep them occupied on your trip. 

With a little strategic planning, it is possible to enjoy an affordable spring break vacation with your family. If you would like to learn more about being able to save money each month and invest for your future, our qualified and experienced team of financial advisors will be more than happy to assist you.

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