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Keen to Learn More About Personal Finance? These Blogs Can Help

Understanding and mastering your personal finances can seem challenging – if not impossible – at times. However, there are now so many bloggers out there who delve deeply into the subject of money that the amount of information available is virtually unlimited.

If you’re keen to learn as much as you can about managing your money and making it work for you, these bloggers will be able to provide you with the additional information you need.

Get Rich Slowly

Initially launched by J.D. Roth back in 2006, this is one of the original personal finance blogs that was created. After accumulating more than $30,000 in debt due to credit card usage, obtaining various personal loans and also dealing with an auto loan, he decided to create a plan that would help eliminate all of his debt once and for all.

The Get Rich Slowly blog contains thousands of posts that are dedicated to improving the financial IQ of its readers and topics include tips for earning, saving and investing your money in various ways.

Mr. Money Mustache

If early retirement is your goal, Mr. Money Mustache’s blog is one that is not to be missed. Pete Adeney and his wife used a plethora of strategies to fully retire by the time they had reached 30, and he started his blog six years later.

Pete’s blog features several details of exactly how he retired so early and became financially independent. Although his focus is mainly on the stock market and index funds, he shares ways to shave your grocery bill and utility bills substantially as well – to the point where he either walks or cycles to most places he goes to.

Adeney is also not known for sugarcoating his words, so if you’re not keen on being labeled a ‘complainy-pants’ (one of his favorite terms for folk who complain about their financial situation, but do nothing to rectify it), you may not enjoy the forthrightness of his content.

Inspired Budget

Started by Allison Baggerly in 2011, Inspired Budget is a blog where she speaks completely from personal experience regarding how her and her husband were drowning in six figures of debt – and then how they managed to repay it in five years.

Allison has provided a number of handy resources that everyone can use, such as budgeting and money-saving tips and motivational debt-free posts. Her Instagram account offers daily tips on repaying debt and budgeting as well. Baggerly said that her main intention for starting the blog was to help women manage their money better and achieve financial freedom.

Spending time reading through the content on these blogs will help you gain a better understanding of the various aspects of personal finance – while also allowing you to improve your own financial situation. If you would like to find out more about improving your finances so that you’ll be able to retire comfortably someday, call our team to schedule an appointment with an advisor today.